The Story

Once upon a time…in the not too distant past…west Raleigh’s Hillsborough Street near NC State University was the place to congregate in the capital city. Whether it was for a special occasion or just part of the daily routine, government leaders, Raleigh residents and NC State students and faculty intermingled amongst local hangouts seeking food, drink and celebration that ultimately created memories and experiences that stood the tests of time.  

Over the last few decades, Raleigh has burgeoned as a success story of the new south while Hillsborough Street was left behind.  But, Hillsborough Street is on its way back and is experiencing a resurgence unlike anything seen since 1941 when the Varsity Theater was first constructed at 2420 Hillsborough Street.

The new H-Street Kitchen is proud to lead the area’s resurgence of food, fun and fellowship! Located inside original Varsity Theater, ‘H-Street’ is brought to you by Raleigh’s Triangle & Two Hospitality Group – a partnership of restaurant industry veterans and proud NC State graduates, Gary Bryant and Jeff Brock.

Gary grew up in Raleigh and had the honor of playing the role of student manager for Jim Valvano’s 1983 NC State National Basketball Championship team; so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to bring Hillsborough Street alive!  He has over 25 years of restaurant executive leadership experience.  Jeff grew up in Eastern North Carolina with an outsized love of the Wolfpack; and has developed an acumen and respect of hospitality over the better part of a 20+ year career focused on investing the restaurant industry throughout the country.

The H-Street team is aligned around an exciting vision of honoring the past while also celebrating the new Hillsborough Street — a place where family, friends, students, faculty, alumni and neighbors of all ages will gather to make new memories.  We cannot wait to share our passions with you and create an experience and set of memories that you will call your own for decades to come!

Bio coming soon!

Eric Harris

General Manager